Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Season 15 All Episodes Download

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Season 15 All Episodes Download

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Season 14 All Episodes Download

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Season 15 All Episodes Download: Shiva and Parvati lived in Kailash. A huge team of attendants called ganas also stayed with them. The ganas were strict followers of Lord Shiva and they followed the orders given by Shiva only. Parvati had no one to turn to if she needed anything. One day Shiva was out for some work. Parvati was alone at home. She wanted to go to bathe. She desperately wished for someone who could guard her room while she took a bath. Parvati started scrubbing her hand with the sandal paste to remove dirt. To her surprise she saw a boy created from the dirt of her hand. The boy looked very handsome. She was very pleased with her own creation. Parvati adorned the boy with beautiful clothes and ornaments. Only one thing was missing in that boy. He did not have life So Parvati with her divine powers gave him life. She blessed him with great powers too. Once the boy was blessed with life he bowed to Parvati.

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351 Parvati Cherishes The Moments Spent With Mahadev 2013-03-11  Download
352 Indradev Panics On Seeing Trishula’s Tapasya 2013-03-12  Download
353 Ganesha Plays Drum On Narad Muni’s Request 2013-03-13  Download
354 Parvati Requests Mahadev To Gift Her With Bouquet Of Flowers 2013-03-14  Download
355 Indradev Attacks On Mahadev 2013-03-15  Download
356 Mahadev Asks Indradev To Expiate For His Sin 2013-03-18  Download
357 Parvati Forgets Everything About Mahadev 2013-03-19  Download
358 Ganesha Takes Mahadev’s Permission To Bring Parvati Back 2013-03-20  Download
359 Parvati Does Not Recognise Ganesha 2013-03-21  Download
360 Ganesha Prays To Mahadev To Get Back Parvati’s Memories 2013-03-22  Download
361 Indradev Is Frightened Of Jallandhar 2013-03-25  Download
362 Jallandhar Defeats The Deities 2013-03-26  Download
363 Ganesha Becomes Overwhelmed As Parvati Feeds Him 2013-03-27  Download
364 Swami Adiyogi Wants To Take Parvati’s Test 2013-03-28  Download
365 Mahadev Becomes Impressed With Parvati 2013-03-29  Download
366 Jalandhar Performs His Mother’s Funeral 2013-04-01  Download
367 Swami Adiyogi Agrees To Come To Parvati’s House 2013-04-02  Download
368 Jalandhar Decides To Unite The Demons 2013-04-03  Download
369 Jalandhar Vows To Defeat Swarnasur 2013-04-04  Download
370 Mahadev Rescues Parvati From The Asurs 2013-04-05  Download
371 Jalandhar Learns About His Mother’s Murderer 2013-04-07  Download
372 Shukracharya Coronates Jalandhar 2013-04-08  Download
373 Jalandhar Insults Narad Muni 2013-04-09  Download
374 Parvati Serves Food To The Rishis 2013-04-10  Download
375 Swarnasur Attacks Jalandhar 2013-04-11  Download

She said Son while I am having a bath you should guard the room. Do not let anyone to enter the room. As you wish mother said the boy modestly. Then Parvati went inside the bathroom to take bath. While she was still taking her bath Shiva came back. He was about to enter the room when the boy stopped him at the gate. You can “t go inside. My mother is taking a bath and has ordered me to guard the entrance until she has bathed said the boy firmly. Shiva was surprised. He roared with anger Stupid Don “t you know that I am Shiva? Saying this he tried to go past the boy. The boy immediately raised the thick club that he was holding and hit hard on Shiva’s head. Go back I tell you he shouted in anger.
Shiva became furiousHow dare you hit me fool You are trying to stop me from entering my own house? Saying this he again tried to enter. This time the boy tried to hit even harder and Shiva had to jump back to save himself. Shiva at once ordered his ganas to teach hom a lesson. The ganas attacked the boy with full might. But the boy was not an ordinary being. Mother Parvati had blessed him with great divine powers. So he defeated the ganas and they all went away groaning in extreme pain. When Shiva saw his ganas being defeated by a small boy he attacked the boy with his trident. The boy replied back with a powerful weapon given by his mother. It was shaktyayudh. Shiva immediately called Vishnu and the other gods to assist him. Each of them tried their best but nobody could

defeat the boy. Vishnu threw his chakra but the boy sent it back yo Vishnu. Garuda had to catch the chakra to save his lord. Shiva finally made a plan to defeat the boy. The boy was challenged to a fist fight by Vishnu. While Vishnu and the boy were busy in fight Shiva attacked from behind and beheaded the boy. He burnt the head with the lighting of his trident when it tried to join with the body again. All the gods then rejoiced at this victory. When Parvati heard the noise she came out. Son who has come What are these noises about? she asked the boy. To her shock and grief she saw her son dead. Parvati was now inconsolable. She took the dead body inside and locked herself in a room. Shiva felt very bad. He repented for his own misdeed. It was a blunder on his part. In extreme anger Parvati created thousands of creatures called shaktis. They had great powers. She ordered themGo at once and destroy the entire world Vishnu and the other gods were shocked and afraid to hear this. Together they went to Parati and begged her forgiveness. I will call back my shaktis only if Lord Shiva restores my son to life stated Parvati firmly. Shiva at once ordered his ganas to go in all the directions. He said Go and bring the head of the living being you see first. But its head should be towards the north. The ganas kept searching day and night. Finally they were all tired and could not walk further.