Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Season 20 All Episodes Download

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Season 20 All Episodes Download

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Season 20 All Episodes Download
Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Season 20 All Episodes Download: Your devotion has pleased me. Upamanyu opened his eyes and seeing Lord Indra he bowed to him. Indra asked What do you seek son Tell me and I will grant it. But Upamanyu replied firmly O god I am highly honoured that you offered me a boons. But I am a devotee of Lord Shiva. I seek boons only from him. I will not stop my tapa until he appears before me. Lord Shiva disguised as Indra further tried to persuade him You are a bright child. Why do you waste your precious time and energy in worshiping Lord Shiva. He is not an appropriate god to propitiate. Just look at his appearance. He has disheveled hair wears the tiger skin and snakes coil around his boy. He wanders in the crematoriums and lives with evil spirits. So instead of him choose some other god. Hearing this Upamanyu said angrily It was my mistake that I paid you respect. Now leave me alone as I do not want to talk to you. But the disguised Shiva said Shiva is not at all worthy of your worship.

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476 Mahadev Gives Direction To Hanuman 2013-08-25  Download
477 Narad Enlightens About Hanuman’s Power To Indradev 2013-08-26  Download
478 Suryadev Bestows Hanuman With Wisdom 2013-08-27  Download
479 Parvati Apologises To Mahadev For Not Obeying Him 2013-08-28  Download
480 The Deities Worry About Mahadev’s Problem 2013-08-29  Download
481 The Deities Become Elated On Seeing Mahadev 2013-08-30  Download
482 Narad Enlightens Andhaka About Mahadev’s Power 2013-09-02  Download
483 Hanuman Pays His Gratitude To Mahadev 2013-09-03  Download
484 Andhaka Is Blessed With Lord Brahma’s Boon 2013-09-04  Download
485 Andhaka Boasts Of His Power After Getting Lord Brahma’s Boon 2013-09-05  Download
486 Andhaka Boasts Of His Power In Front Of Mahadev 2013-09-06  Download
487 Parvati Tries To Sort Out Andhaka’s Problem 2013-09-09  Download
488 Mahadev Becomes Impressed With Nandi And Takes Care Of His Father 2013-09-10  Download
489 Mahadev Motivates Shukracharya To Accept Andhaka As His Disciple 2013-09-11  Download
490 Andhaka Intends To Attack Mahadev To Seek Parvati’s Love 2013-09-12  Download
491 Shukracharya Rebukes Andhaka For Disregarding Mahadev And Parvati 2013-09-13  Download
492 Parvati Takes The Form Of Kali To Kill Andhaka 2013-09-15  Download
493 Parvati Fights With Andhaka, And Succeeds In Defeating Him 2013-09-16  Download
494 Sita Desires To Accompany Lord Rama For Vanvaas 2013-09-17  Download
495 Mahadev Tries To Control Kali’s Anger 2013-09-18  Download
496 Mahadev Succeeds In Transforming Kali Into Parvati 2013-09-19  Download
497 Parvati Pays Her Gratitude To Mahadev For Pacifying Her 2013-09-20  Download
498 Parvati Decides To Stay Away From Kailash 2013-09-23  Download
499 Parvati Decides To Stay Away From Kailash 2013-09-24  Download
500 Parvati Kills The Asuras And Rescues The Women 2013-09-25  Download

He is a savage a barbarian!Hearing such insulting words Upamanyu at once got up and aimed a blow at the disguised Shiva. To his surprise the blow did not affect Shiva at all. Instead he kept on laughing. A defeated Upamanyu then said Since I am unable to avenge the insult to my Lord I have not right to live. Let me kill myself. Saying so he started chanting the aagneya mantra the mantra that would burn a body to ashes. The very next moment there was a blinding flash. A voice then said Son open your eyes and look at me. Upamanyu was thrilled when he opened his eyes. Shiva his lord was standing before him. The boy could not control his tears. He exclaimed O lord It “s you For how long I have waited for this very moment saying so he fell on Shiva’s feet. Shiva lifted Upamanyu saying Yes son it was I who has come to test you. Your unshaken devotion has impressed me. I am really pleased with you. I bless you with eternal youth and luster. Shiva continued Upamanyu since desire for milk inspired you to begin tapa I bless you with an ocean of milk that will never dry You can enjoy it with your family henceforth. Later you will achieve eternal happiness by attaining me. Thus the young boy was rewarded for his unwavering faith and devotion.

Excessive pride has always brought people down. It is considered to be one of the main causes of a person “s downfall. Even the divine sages could not save themselves from a fall caused by excessive pride. Lord Shiva known as the divine destroyer has many a time destroyed the conceit of people. The following story tells us about this quality of Lord Shiva. Many sages lived in a serene and beautiful forest called Darukavana. Many streams and brooks flowed through it The trees were laden with tasty and juicy fruits. Many kinds of beautiful birds had their nests in the trees. The sages who lived there had their families including wives and children. The sages devoted their time in prayer and meditation while their wives kept themselves busy in household chores.

They also assisted their husbands in spiritual before their marriage many of the ladies were ardent devotees of Lord Shiva. But after marriage they had to stop their pooja as their husbands did nit like it. Instead they wanted their wives to worship them. The husbands said For a married woman her husband is like her god. So you need not waste your time in worshipping Shiva or any other god Your pooja is your household work. Thus the wives performed the daily chores and fulfilled their domestic responsibilities that consumed all of their time The wives often discussed with one another How desperately we miss our pooja But we can “t go against our husbands wish. Once one of the wives said My husband asks me to worship only him. He calls himself a god. Nevertheless unwillingly the ladies carried on with their work.